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"office practice" Databases

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Federal Register

1. Federal Register

STAT!Ref (TexShare)

2. STAT!Ref (TexShare)

  • Provider: Teton Data Systems
  • Contents: e-books , full text , handbook , reference , tables of contents , textbooks
  • Access Levels: Licensed , On-Site Visitor , TMC Academic User
  • Descriptions:

    Stat!Ref is a cross-searchable reference database of core full-text medical, pharmacology and nursing books, drug information from AHFS, ACP's PIER, and general tools like the ICD 9, Stedman's and the National Guideline Clearinghouse. This subscription for educational institutions, provided via the Texas State Library, includes the latest editions of more than 80 standard, respected titles.

    An additional feature available to you in Stat!Ref is the Evidence Alerts feed. To register to receive these alerts, which can be customized according to your interests and delivered at selectable regular intervals, you will need to create a My STAT!Ref “Preferences” account. To do this,

    • Access STAT!Ref
    • Go to “Preferences” (located just under the search box)
    • Sign up for preferences
    • Select disciplines and a time interval.

    Stat!Ref provides Mobile Access for IPhone, IPad,Blackberry and Android. See for details. You can activate mobile access via your "Preferences" account. Once in your individual account, click "Temporary Log-in Account," and follow directions. Please note that at present, mobile access must be renewed every 90 days. Once your mobile account is established, you will not need to log in with TMC Library to use mobile Stat!Ref. For a video tutorial on setting up mobile access, see this link

  • Keywords: books | clinical | communicable diseases | decision support | evidence-based | evidence-based medicine | genetics | ICD-9 | infectious disease | internal medicine | medical coding | medicine | multidisciplinary | nursing | office practice | pediatrics | pharmacology | physicians | surgery

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