Texas Physicians' History Database

Our database contains biographical records on 13,321 physicians who practiced medicine in Texas in the past 100 years. Learn more About the Roster of Texas Physicians.

How to search:
  • Entries for City, State and Country refer to the person's place of birth.
  • Birth and death dates do not have to have the month and day, but if they are used they must be entered as mm/dd/yyyy. For example, 01/02/1901 NOT 1/2/1901.
  • It is possible to enter data in more than one field. For example, Birth - 1901, City - Houston, Medical Specialty - Surgery should yield one result - Louis Estes Williford.
  • Further information about a physician (such as medical school) may be available by searching the Gazetteer of Deceased Texas Physicians (19th and 20th century) in DigitalCommons@TMC.
  • Once you have found the physician(s) through this database, search the alphabetical listing at the link above. Scroll down the home page to the alphabetical sections. Download the section, type Control F, and enter last namein the search box. You should see that Louis Estes Williford graduated from Tulane Univ. Medical School, New Orleans and references for further information in print resources.


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