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  • Provider:Research Imaging Center, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
  • Keywords: brain mapping , medical imaging , neuroscience , neurology , cognition
  • Description: From the website: "BrainMap is an online database of published functional neuroimaging (fMRI and PET) experiments with coordinate-based (x,y,z) activation locations in Talairach space. The goal of BrainMap is to provide a vehicle to share methods and results of studies in specific research domains, such as language, memory, attention, emotion, and perception. BrainMap can also be used to perform meta-analyses of similar research studies."

FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health

2. FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health

Introduction to Chest Radiology

3. Introduction to Chest Radiology

Learning Radiology

4. Learning Radiology
  • Provider:William Herring, MD, FACR, Albert Einstein Medical Center
  • Keywords: bone , diagnosis , education , medical imaging , radiology , tutorial , video , free , orthopaedics , osteology
  • Description: This free radiology education resource includes podcasts, lectures (some by faculty at Albert Einstein Medical Center) and interactive tutorials. The materials are divided into categories that include Lectures, Notes, Images, Case of the Week, and Quick Quizzes. Visitors can find lectures on topics ranging from bone tumors to heart disease. Many of the talks are available as .pdf files or PowerPoint presentations. FlashPlayer required for most lectures.

Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications

5. Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications
  • Provider:National Library of Medicine
  • Keywords: biomedical research , engineering , informatics , information science , life sciences , medical imaging , research , U.S. Government , images , electronic health record , information technology , information management
  • Description: A research and development division of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the Lister Hill Center conducts and supports research and development in the dissemination of high quality imagery, medical language processing, high-speed access to biomedical information, intelligent database systems development, multimedia visualization, knowledge management, data mining and machine-assisted indexing. A diverse staff with backgrounds in medicine, computer science, library and information sciences, linguistics, cognitive science, education, and engineering are committed to maintaining the Lister Hill Center's leadership position in biomedical information research and development.

MedPix Medical Image Database

6. MedPix Medical Image Database
  • Provider:Departments of Radiology and Biomedical Informatics, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, MD
  • Keywords: allied health , education , graduate medical education , health sciences , informatics , medical imaging , nursing , open access , radiology , student , CME , images
  • Description: MedPix® is a fully web-enabled cross-platform database, integrating images and text. Content is organized by disease location, pathology category, patient profiles, and by image classification and caption. MedPix® can be searched through multiple internal image and text search engines. MedPix® search formulations may be linked directly to PubMed and other outside search engines with a single click. Additional features - Category 1 CME credits, quizzes, uploading, and editing - are available to registered users. A valuable resource for radiology and other allied health staff and trainees, physicians and medical students, nurses and graduate nursing students.

Musculoskeletal Radiology - Muscle Atlas

7. Musculoskeletal Radiology - Muscle Atlas
  • Provider:University of Washington
  • Keywords: medical imaging , radiology
  • Description: Interactive muscle atlas of the upper and lower extremities. Please note that the images here may not be re-used elsewhere without permission.

National Science Foundation

8. National Science Foundation
  • Provider:National Science Foundation
  • Keywords: biology , biomedical research , general reference , grants , medical imaging , publishing , research , science , U.S. Government , video , reports , images , medical illustration , RSS feed
  • Description: The National Science Foundation (NSF) offers full grant-funding information to the research community- from opportunity, to application deadline, to awards. NSF policy on data sharing and data management are also provided here. Those seeking grant information may want to go straight to the Site Map for faster navigation to their areas of interest. The NSF funds approximately 10,000 new scientific grant awards annually for research in a variety of scientific fields. To the general public, the NSF site provides a multimedia gallery of news, speeches and lectures, special reports and overviews of NSF research.

NITRC: The Source for Neuroimaging Tools and Resources

9. NITRC: The Source for Neuroimaging Tools and Resources

  • Provider:John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Keywords: conference , education , industry , medical imaging , portal , video , podcasts , webinars
  • Description: This set of newsletters encompasses every application and type of spectroscopy, including medical imaging. The reader can sign up for RSS feeds on areas of particular interest (including MRI, NMR, proteomics and chemometrics), view podcasts, and check on industry conference schedules. Note: Free registration is required for access to some areas of this website.

Surgical Planning Laboratory

11. Surgical Planning Laboratory
  • Provider:Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, MA - a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School
  • Keywords: human anatomy , measurement , medical devices , medical imaging , radiology , surgery , tutorial , neurology , software
  • Description: From the website: "The main research of the SPL is to develop post-processing methods for digital medical imaging data and to use these methods for answering real-life questions." Contains an image gallery, full-text access to publications, downloadable tutorials and software.


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